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About Us

In collaboration with R&B sensation Jacquees, The King infuses the process of producing top-tier cannabis with the same artistry, passion, and finesse required to create a hit song. Launched in 2023, The King is the product of years of commitment to quality.

Much like Jacquees artfully composes melodies and lyrics, our expert cultivators meticulously curate cannabis strains, focusing on flavor nuances, cannabinoid richness, and an overall experience that resonates with connoisseurs. Each stage of cultivation—from seed selection to harvest and curing—is a harmonious process, where our cannabis maestros orchestrate a product that enchants the senses and elevates your experience to new heights. We ensure every note, or rather, every bud, contributes to a composition that captivates those who appreciate the artistry of exceptional cannabis.


A successful cannabis strain, akin to a beloved song, establishes itself as a hallmark, building its own community and garnering a reputation for delivering an unforgettable experience. At The King, our collaboration with Jacquees harmonizes technical expertise with a profound understanding of our audience's desires, resulting in the creation of 3 signature strains that are sure to echo in the hearts of those who partake.

At The King, we don't just cultivate; we compose an unforgettable journey for true cannabis aficionados and casual users alike, all while bridging the worlds of music and cannabis in a truly exceptional way.

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We aim to transcend industry standards, embody an unwavering commitment to quality, and produce top-tier cannabis products. By nurturing our passion for the artistry and culture of cannabis, we strive to redefine the standards of excellence in the industry, ensuring every product reflects the dedication and artistic integrity that define our brand.


We hope to expand into every possible legal market in an effort to bring our quality products to the masses. We want to enhance the lives of as many people as we can while promoting our love of culture, art, and cannabis. 

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